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My name is Hannah. I'm 19, a college student and I just recently married my best friend, who also happens to be a US Navy Sailor.

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how is a dog prettier than every existing girl



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"No woman wants an abortion like she wants an ice cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion like an animal caught in a trap wants to gnaw off its own leg."

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Things men don’t understand #28464

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  • Augustus Waters: "May I see you again?"
  • Hazel Grace: "Sure."
  • Augustus Waters: "Tomorrow?"
  • Hazel Grace: "Patience, grasshopper. You don't want to seem overeager."
  • Augustus Waters: "Right, that's why I said tomorrow. I want to see you again tonight. But I'm willing to wait all night and much of tomorrow. I'm serious."
  • Hazel Grace: "You don't even know me. How about I call you when I finish this?"
  • Augustus Waters: "But you don't even have my phone number."
  • Hazel Grace: "I strongly suspect you wrote it in this book."
  • Augustus Waters: "And you say we don't know each other."
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This is my human. Though there are many like it, this one is mine


This is my human. Though there are many like it, this one is mine

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i wish there was a non-assholeish way to say “our friendship has run its course, you make me uncomfortable with your feelings and a lot of shit you do pisses me off bye”

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puppies c:

favorite post ever.

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If you ever see a bad picture of yourself just think about sunsets

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a sunset with a crappy camera? It turns out like shit.  I mean that could be the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen in your life and the photo looks gross. 

That doesn’t mean the sunset  isn’t breathtaking, it just means the camera can’t contain it’s beauty.

You are a gorgeous motherfucking sunset never forget that

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